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newseightysix starts to build Brasil’s next generation real estate manager for I-Value

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eightysix is a vibrant, highly specialized web business development team building cutting web brands, sites and applications. We pride ourselves in our business solutions using only the latest technologies. Market knowledge means everything to us. It allows us to deploy best practices for more robust and efficient sites and applications. We are privileged to have worked with clients from around the world including with developing and emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. We are also a web development partner to, building event based travel portals.

Jan 2014 We are currently looking for the the best and brightest to join an A-TEAM for a very special project in a special Montreal office. If you love to code and can appreciate challenge, please email

Fresh Liftoffs

Our latest applications that have been launched

What we do

eightysix embodies the power of functional design and logic. Our business processes enhance services such as wire framing, responsive design, agile planning and documenting. All of which ultimately lead to better built sites and applications for optimal maintenance.

Our modo is beautifully designed application should be at the forefront of a great system. A technically sound backend should be behind a functional design.

Applications today need to be both web and mobile. Our approach is to build around user habits. Such as devices they prefer, and to apply your business rules for your brand and product to evolve with the web.

Our strategy is focused on mastering the relationship between your audience and your vision.

UI/UX Design

Functional design is at our core. The user experience and design must always be intuitive to all user demographics.

Technical Planning

From technical documentation to wiki's, our planning capabilities optimize any project big or small.

Web Development

By using only the latest technologies and frameworks, expect only the very best from a eightysix build.


Our business intelligence and capability can also be utilized by working with other business units.

Top of the class

The following are some of the class of our best applications and sites of 2013.

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